Tobacco Retail Licensing

In 2020, Idaho passed legislation that requires all retailers who sell tobacco or nicotine products or devices to obtain a permit from the state. Tobacco retail licensing for all stores that sell tobacco and nicotine products and devices is a proven way to help reduce youth access to these addictive and dangerous products. Licensing ensures all retailers are abiding by all laws and regulations that apply to tobacco and nicotine products, like the minimum sales age of 21.

Requiring tobacco retail licensing is part of a comprehensive policy to prevent youth from accessing these dangerous products and becoming addicted at a young age. Many of the laws around traditional tobacco products were put in place before electronic products were introduced, so while there are limitations on the marketing of combustible cigarettes to youth, this is not the case with new vaping and electronic nicotine products. Licensing the retailers who sell these products creates an awareness of where these products are sold, and if they are in concentrations near schools or other places youth may gather. Requiring permits also ensures the state is aware of changes in purchasing patterns and trends so if new products are being sold, or there is another outbreak of electronic or vaping related lung injuries they can be sourced and tracked and we can intervene more quickly. Licensing allows strong enforcement of current laws and will alert the state when retailers are not in compliance to help educate and train employees properly, or to stop those that might intentionally sell these products to minors.

Licensing holds retailers accountable for their part in the tobacco market, and helps all of us ensure minors do not have easy access to these deadly products. The 2020 legislation was a first step to help prevent another generation of addiction, and we will continue to work towards the prevention of death and disease due to tobacco and nicotine.

hero_image_alt_text===A picture of 5 different vape devices, some of which look a lot like common office supplies
thumbnail_alt_text===A picture of 5 different vape devices, some of which look a lot like common office supplies
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