Tobacco 21 is Law!

95% of people start smoking before the age of 21. By raising the sales age to 21, we can prevent thousands of our kids from every starting this deadly addiction!

hero_image_alt_text===A Thank You to Governor Baker for Signing T21 in to Law.

It has been a long fight over 6 years but thanks to our countless advocates who were determined to protect our youth from Big Tobacco the Governor signed into law the Youth Tobacco Bill at the end of July! T

The law will reduce tobacco use and nicotine addiction among youth and will improve health, save lives, and reduce health care costs. The law will reduce youth tobacco use by removing access to cigarettes and other tobacco products from high school social networks, subsequently lowering rates of addiction which will improve health, save lives, and reduce health care costs.

• Raises the tobacco sales age to 21,
• Prohibits e-cigarette use in smoke-free workplaces, and
• Stops pharmacies from selling tobacco.

Tobacco use remains the number one cause of premature death and preventable chronic disease across the state and country. Tobacco and nicotine use costs Massachusetts and our residents more than $4 billion annually in healthcare costs and more than 9,000 Massachusetts residents die annually from tobacco-related disease. Without prevention policies, 103,000 Massachusetts kids alive today will die from smoking-related illnesses. With this new law, we are saving countless lives and saving millions of dollars!

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