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Tobacco Impacts Ohio's Economy!


This month, we have been shining the light on tobaccos influence on Ohio and Ohioans.  However, the story isn't complete.  The negative consequences can also been seen in the toll on the state's economy.  Again, the data featured below comes to us from The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

The tax burden to every Ohio household, regardless if there is a tobacco user, is $612 annually.  Therefore, everyone has an initiative to ensure resources are in place and barriers removed for tobacco users to quit.  Of course, the most cost effective way to reduce this burden is to prevent new users from starting.  In addition, our businesses carry a tax burden. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reviewed and compiled the best solutions to impact these numbers.  We know smokefree environments (check for Ohio!) and taxes with adequate funding have the biggest impact.  Please visit our action center and send a message to your legislators to encourage them to fund comprehensive tobacco cessation and prevention!  Think of the economic impact!

Smoking-Caused Monetary Costs in Ohio

Annual health care costs in Ohio directly caused by smoking $4.37 billion
Portion covered by the state Medicaid program $1.4 billion
Residents' state & federal tax burden from smoking-caused government expenditures $612 per household
Smoking-caused productivity losses in Ohio $4.85 billion

Amounts do not include health costs caused by exposure to secondhand smoke, smoking-caused fires, smokeless tobacco use, or cigar and pipe smoking. Tobacco use also imposes additional costs such as workplace productivity losses and damage to property.


Tobacco Industry Influence in Ohio

Annual tobacco industry marketing expenditures nationwide $8.5 billion
Estimated portion spent for Ohio marketing each year $394.7 million
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