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TennCare Bureau Releases Proposed Waiver Amendment

As anticipated, the TennCare Bureau released their proposed Waiver Amendment pertaining to work requirements as directed by the Tennessee legislature during the 2018 legislative session. This amendment, known as Amendment 38, establishes workforce participation and community engagement as an expectation for certain enrollees. These are applicable to: non-pregnant, non-disabled, non-elderly adults enrolled in the program without any dependent children under the age of six.

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TennCare has compiled a list of exceptions of these requirements for members who are impacted by certain conditions. In addition to the exceptions identified, there is an ability for TennCare to grant a “good cause” exemption from the community engagement requirement based on a determination that there are acute or short-term individual circumstances that warrant special consideration.

TennCare is seeking public input on the proposed amendment prior to submitting a final version to CMS. The public comment period will be open through October 26, 2018. The American Heart Association will submit formal comments. Stay tuned!

Review the proposed TennCare Waiver Amendment 38 at

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