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Tennessee Capitol Update: State Appropriations

Right now, the American Heart Association is urging Tennessee lawmakers to support a funding increase for Coordinated School Health.


Background. Tennessee Coordinated School Health (CSH) focuses on the whole child. It connects physical, emotional & social health with education through eight inter-related components. These components are Health Education; Physical Education; Health Services; Nutrition; Staff Wellness; Healthy School Environment; School Counseling, Psychological & Social Services; & Student, Family & Community Involvement. 

Why is additional funding needed? Original allocations were based on a grant to start the program on the local level. Due to a growing number of students and schools, larger districts are in need of increases to CSH allocations in order to maintain programming and/or meet the basic needs and requirements of the CSH program. Insufficient funding is already affecting the organizational structure of the Office of Coordinated School Health for the next school year.

How much funding is being requested? In an effort to make the CSH funding model more fair and equitable across the state, and in order to avoid cutting smaller districts, an increase of 2.5 million dollars is requested. This money will be used to ensure there are coordinators in each district, and regional consultants. Any excess funds will be spent on health-related programs.

Click here to add your voice to this fight! 

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