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Tennessee’s 2018 Legislative Session Update

Tennessee's legislative session is about to come to a close! 

hero_image_alt_text===photo of Tennessee Senate Chamber

As you may know, we have been actively working in support of HB 372/SB 558 by Rep. Roger Kane and Sen. Bill Ketron, which requires at least 60 minutes of physical education (P.E.) in elementary schools statewide.

Known as the Tom Cronan Physical Education Act, the bill also stipulates that P.E. must be taught by a licensed or certified physical education teacher. On Monday, April 23, the full House unanimously approved this important legislation aimed at providing kids with the education and active time that will help them develop healthy habits for life. The Senate will take up the bill with the House amendment on Tuesday, April 24. If approved, the bill will make its way to the governor’s desk.

Also, we are excited to share that the legislation creating a better coordinated system of care for both stroke and STEMI heart attack patients unanimously passed the legislature earlier this session and have been signed into law by Governor Haslam. 

These lifesaving legislative initiatives require the Tennessee Department of Health to formally recognize hospitals that have national certification or accreditation as a designated stroke or STEMI center and local emergency medical authorities will establish protocol plans to make sure patients experiencing a stroke or STEMI heart attack in Tennessee are taken to the hospital best capable to treat them as quickly as possible!

We appreciate your advocacy efforts throughout this session to help ensure success of these public policy priorities aimed at building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke in Tennessee.

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