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Dr. Rakhee Urankar, Nashville

Today, we'd like you to meet You're the Cure Dr. Rakhee Urankar of Nashville. She served on the American Heart Association's 2015-16 Tennessee Advocacy Committee. 

hero_image_alt_text===photo of Dr. Urankar

Who or what inspires you to help and volunteer your time to the work of the AHA? Advocacy residency project requirement.

What heart-healthy issue is most important to you and why? Prevention of obesity because of its related comorbidities and the rising health care costs for treatment of these comorbidities.

What are two ways you keep yourself healthy? Diet and exercise

How is your community healthy that makes you proud? Able to choose healthy food options by reading the food labels and engaging in a minimum recommended physical activity of 30 mins. per day five times per week.

How do you stay updated on current public policies in your state? Through weekly didactic sessions and news

If you could help advocate for one change in your state, what would it be and why? Obesity, because of the existing epidemic.

Do you have a favorite AHA/ASA event you annually attend?  What is your motivation to participate? AHA Annual Advocacy Day. Main motivation for worksite wellness to prevent obesity.

Why would you tell a friend or family member to join You’re the Cure? For added motivation to achieve their weight loss goals.

Tell us one unique thing about yourself.  I am ambidextrous.

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