AED Bills Electrify the Tennessee General Assembly

In cardiac arrest, death can result quickly if proper steps aren’t taken immediately. Cardiac arrest may be reversed if CPR is performed and a defibrillator is used to shock the heart and restore a normal heart rhythm within a few minutes.

That's why we're excited two automatic external defibrillator (AED) bills have passed the Tennessee General Assembly with overwhelming support this legislative session! You can learn more about cardiac arrest at


SB0314/HB0775, sponsored by Sen. Bo Watson/Rep. Bob Ramsey, immunizes an entity that provides access to an AED from civil liability for any personal injury related to use or maintenance of the AED. *AED users are currently protected under the Good Samaritan Act and other AED program requirements stated in code. This bill gives additional protection to those entities (businesses, churches, organizations) who have voluntarily opted, as benefit to their employees and customers, to own or house an AED onsite.

  • Senate Status: SB0314 passed on the Senate Floor with 31 ayes, nays on 3/4/19.
  • House Status: HB0775 passed on the House Floor with ayes, 0 nays on 3/18/19. 

HB0776/SB1135, sponsored by Rep. Bob Ramsey/Sen. Art Swann, requires all public middle and elementary schools to place one or more automated external defibrillator (AED) devices within the school. *This initiative has been incrementally implemented; legislation requiring AEDs in high schools was passed in 2018.

  • Senate Status: SB1135 passed on the Senate Floor with 33 ayes, 0 nays, 3/18/19.
  • House Status: HB0776 is slated to be heard before the House Education Committee 03/27/19. 

Other legislation the American Heart Association is monitoring currently:

HB1244/SB0330, sponsored by Rep. Byrd/ Sen. Hensley, decreases the number of physical education class meetings an LEA must require elementary school students to attend each full school week from "at least two" to "at least one." Amended to reduce the original minimum physical education class time proposed for students from 60 minutes to 45 minutes per week.

  • Senate Status: SB0330 has been referred to Senate Education Committee.
  • House Status: HB1244, as amended, is slated to be heard before the House Education Committee 03/27/19.

HB1335/SB0932, sponsored by Rep. Eldridge/Sen. Lundberg, authorizes any municipality, county, airport authority, or certain utility districts to regulate the use of tobacco products in public places, places of employment, and parks. Specifies that a regulation implemented pursuant to this bill by a local government entity shall not be less restrictive than that required by state law. The amendment deletes all language after the enacting clause and rewrites the bill such that the substantive changes: (1) limit the applicable locations to only buildings and on property owned or leased by the entity; (2) authorizes municipalities, counties, airport authorities, and utility districts to prohibit the use of tobacco products; (3) requires the entity to pass a resolution or ordinance if opting to prohibit such products; and (4) expands the provisions of prohibition to include vapor products.

  • Senate Status: SB0932 has been re-referred to the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee.
  • House Status: HB1335 is slated before the House Local Committee 03/27/19.

HB0009/SB0009, sponsored by Rep. Staples/Sen. Briggs, authorizes Knox County to prohibit smoking on the grounds of a playground owned or operated by the local government. Amendment 004455 includes Rutherford county and the cities within. Amendment 004152 includes Lincoln and Bedford counties. Amendment 003984 includes Knox county and the cities within. Amendment 004030 includes Sullivan county and the cities within. Amendment 005418 rewrites the bill and makes it permissive for any county or city to join in prohibiting smoking on playgrounds owned or operated by a local government with a two-thirds vote by the legislative body of the local government.

  • Senate Status: SB0009 passed on the Senate Floor with 31 ayes, 0 nays 2/11/19.
  • House Status: HB0009 is set for House Finance, Ways & Means Committee 03/26/19.
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