Advocates Speak up about TennCare Expansion

The American Heart Association, along with multiple health care organizations, is continuing to engage stakeholders and legislators in conversations regarding TennCare expansion in Tennessee. Advocates are raising the topic at local community events to get the conversations started with candidates, given this big election year in the state.


As seen in other states, a key component of a successful campaign to expand Medicaid is through personal impact stories of individuals in the coverage gap who do not qualify for Medicaid or are employed in low-wage jobs where they are not offered or cannot afford health insurance. In Tennessee, the estimated number of people in the coverage gap is about 300,000. According to statistics from the TennCare Bureau, more than half are working, primarily in food service, construction, cleaning and maintenance, sales or transportation.

Do you have a personal story to share or know of someone in Tennessee who is impacted by the coverage gap? We want to hear from you! Please comment below or reach us at [email protected].

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