Tennessee's 2018 Legislative Session Update

The Tennessee legislature is beginning to winddown as they eye an early- to mid-April adjournment date.  Thanks to your support and our legislative champions, we are excited to share that the legislation creating a better coordinated system of care for STEMI patients has fully passed both the House and Senate and has been sent to Gov. Haslam for his signature!


This lifesaving legislation requires the Tennessee Department of Health to formally recognize hospitals that are certified or accredited as STEMI facilities, and local emergency medical authorities will establish protocol plans to make sure patients experiencing a STEMI heart attack in Tennessee are taken to the hospital best capable to treat them as quickly as possible!

Similarly, the legislation creating a better system of care for stroke patients has successfully (and unanimously) passed the Senate and will be up for a full House vote on March 29th.

As the legislature moves toward adjournment, their focus has shifted to working on passing the 2018-19 state budget, which they are constitutionally required to do before adjourning.  We are busy advocating for support of HB 372 by Rep. Roger Kane to require at least 60 minutes of physical education in elementary schools, as it currently sits “behind the budget” in the House Finance Budget Subcommittee.  Be on the lookout for an advocacy alert sometime in the next week or two to raise awareness and ask for House support on the Tom Cronan Physical Education Act!

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