Time Is Running Out, Ohio!

The Ohio legislature has returned for just a few more days before the legislative session ends. We need your voice to get lifesaving legislation across the finish line before time runs out!

Ohio House Bill 445 will ensure 911 telecommunicators have the tools and training they need to instruct callers in lifesaving CPR until EMS arrives. Every second matters when someone is experiencing a cardiac event, which is why starting CPR as soon as possible is critical.

House Bill 431 will help create a strong stroke system of care that will help ensure that Ohioans who experience stroke get to the right facility in the right amount of time, potentially making the difference between a strong recovery and disability or even death.
Please take just a moment to leave a message for your lawmakers now! Simply enter your contact information, review the easy talking points (feel free to add your own story!) and our system will automatically call and connect you to your lawmakers' offices. In under 3 minutes, you've made your voice heard!
Thank you for speaking out!
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