This September - Focus on Healthy Kids


September is designated as childhood obesity awareness month.  As kids are now back in school, it is a great time to focus on the health of our children.  There is much all of us can do to impact the increasing rates of child overweight/obesity to make sure all kids are healthy and active.  Making a personal commitment for healthier eating for our families and creating opportunities to be more active will ensure we all have healthier hearts.  In addition, we can support policies that make being healthy the easy choice. 

In Ohio, House Bill 256 was just introduced.  The bill will improve the quality of health education class in our schools.  Kids will learn skills - like decision making, understanding the role of marketing - to improve their health, regardless of the topic being taught.

Also, efforts continue to address liability issues for schools who choose to open their doors after hours.  Schools can become a community resource again and provide opportunities for community members to get physical activity.  By removing the liability barrier, schools and communities can continue the conversation on community access.

And, there are other efforts underway.  This September, let's focus on how we can make our children and communities healthier.  In Ohio, let's call September Healthy Kid, Healthy Community Month!

You can help make a difference on these and other policy activities.  Click through each of the alerts below and send your message today.  Let's make Ohio known for being healthy!

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