There is still work to be done in Washington County – VOTE NO IN MAY on Measure 34-314

Last November, Washington County became the first county in Oregon to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products. Three Washington County Commissioners, Chair Harrington and Commissioners Fai and Treece, answered the call of tobacco control advocates by passing a policy to remove all flavored tobacco products from the shelves of all stores across the county. We know that flavors hook kids. E-cigarettes are available in thousands of youths appealing flavors, including fruit, candy, mint, and menthol so the passage of this policy marked an exciting milestone in our work to prevent the next generation of kids being addicted to tobacco.

Unfortunately, tobacco retailers feel their profits are more important that our kids and began gathering signatures for a referendum to repeal the policy and have qualified for the ballot in May. We need Washington County residents to VOTE NO on measure 34-314 in May to keep the policy in place and finally remove these egregious flavors from the marketplace.  We will keep you up to date as we have more information on the measure number but we need your help now to spread the word that THIS POLICY SHOULD NOT BE REPEALED AND TO VOTE NO on measure 34-314 in May.

hero_image_alt_text===A variety of flavored tobacco products mixed with candy on a white surface
thumbnail_alt_text===A variety of flavored tobacco products mixed with candy on a white surface
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