The state legislative session is nearing an end but important tobacco legislation is still moving

We are in the final weeks of the state legislative session and need your help passing a very important tobacco regulation bill. Take a moment today to message legislators assigned to the conference committee negotiating final changes to the bill and ask them to advance it with a clean effective date.

The legislation will:

  • Add e-cigarettes to the state’s definition of tobacco products (which would also mean they would be taxed like other tobacco products creating parity with other tobacco products and reducing their attraction to price-sensitive youths).

  • Require all e-cigarette retailers to obtain a sales license (already required of other tobacco product retailers). This would allow for more effective education of retailers on illegal sales of e-cigarettes to underage purchasers and more effective enforcement against those illegal sales.

  • Restrict shipment of e-cigarettes except to licensed e-cigarette retailers in the state thus making it illegal to sell online to underage purchasers.

  • Annually allocate $750,000 of the new tax revenue generated by the e-cigarette tax to the Hawaii Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund to fund e-cigarette prevention and cessation programs.

Message committee members today and help protect our keiki from a lifetime of nicotine addiction!

hero_image_alt_text===picture of the Hawaii state capitol building
thumbnail_alt_text===picture of the Hawaii state capitol building
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