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The Sour Side of Sweet

NYC Health Department Launches New Media Campaign on the Health Hazards of Sugary Drinks

hero_image_alt_text===Sugar pouring out of a soda can.

Sugary drinks are the top source of added sugar in Americans’ diets, so it’s important to continue identifying new and creative solutions to educate and support New Yorkers to drink healthy.

Just this week, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) announced a new media campaign and educational materials on the health dangers of consuming sugary drinks. “The Sour Side of Sweet” illustrates the health impact, while reminding New Yorkers to avoid sugary drinks and not to give them to children.

NYC DOHMH also published a new Vital Signs report showing that sugary drink consumption declined among New York City adults between 2007 and 2015, but significant disparities remain. The highest sugary drink consumption among New York City adults was primarily in the Bronx, upper Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Additionally, Latino and Black children under age five had three to four times higher rates of sugary drink consumption than White children.

The American Heart Association encourages New Yorkers to ‘rethink your drink.’ One way we’re working to spread this message is advocating for legislation requiring all restaurants in New York City offer healthy beverages as the default option on kids’ meals. Take action to support healthy options for restaurant kids’ meals. Every child deserves to grow up at a healthy weight, which means promoting healthy drink options such as water and milk.

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