The Idaho Health Insurance Exchange is Open

Starting Monday, Nov. 1, Idahoans who do not have coverage through their employer and don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, could enroll in 2022 medical and dental coverage through Your Health Idaho, the state’s health insurance exchange.

New insurance carriers and an expanded number of plans, in addition to enhanced subsidies have allowed Idahoans to have better access to health care at lower costs through the state health insurance exchange. Many Idahoans who were not previously eligible may now qualify for a tax credit, the enhanced subsidy in place since March 2021, which acts like an instant discount, and significantly lowers monthly premium payments. For those who may have not have been able to afford health coverage in the past, the improvements may allow more people access to health insurance.

The open enrollment period began on November 1st, and will end December 15th. Your Health Idaho is encouraging Idahoans not to wait to apply, if you are unsure about how to enroll or determine if you qualify for a tax credit, Your Health Idaho recommends working with an insurance agent or broker certified by Your Health Idaho offering their for free. A list of certified agents and brokers is available online at

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