The doors are closed, the conversation is open

Although the Oklahoma State Capitol has been closed for restoration, the cigarette tax conversation continues as Oklahoma lawmakers look to return to the Capitol to try and work out a budget deal. We continue to be your eyes and ears during this process by monitoring the negotiations and the potential vote on the cigarette tax. In the meantime we still need YOU! 

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WIN: It’s a public health win that reduces smoking and saves lives.

WIN: It’s a financial win that reduces smoking caused health care costs.

WIN: It’s a political win because the cigarette tax has strong public support.

The $1.50 per pack tax increase on cigarettes has continued to be top of mind for lawmakers thanks to your calls and emails but now we need to rally the troops and bring this win home for the health of Oklahoman's. TAKE ACTION and ask your lawmaker to show bold leadership in creating a heart-healthy Oklahoma by voting YES for the $1.50 per pack cigarette tax increase!

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