The Big Squeeze Takes on Hypertension!

About 72 million Americans have high blood pressure.  That is 1 in 3 adults. High blood pressure usually has no symptoms, and it increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. Another name for high blood pressure (HBP) is hypertension. High blood pressure means the pressure in your arteries is elevated. It is a “Silent Killer,” but it can be controlled. That is why the American Heart Association has partnered with the Live Well initiative to raise awareness for hypertension and to know your numbers through The Big Squeeze!

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The mission of The Big Squeeze is to increase awareness of hypertension (high blood pressure) and the need for screenings throughout the Sioux Falls community. The Big Squeeze project also seeks to work with healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive education and tools to manage blood pressure when it is above the normal range.

By participating in a screening during the month of April, area residents have the opportunity to learn if their blood pressure is in a normal range and, if it is not, to take action and see their health care provider.

To learn more about The Big Squeeze, CLICK HERE.  

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