The 2024 Hawaii State Legislative Session Has Started

The 2024 Hawaii state legislative session has started, and we are expecting legislation related to tobacco control, funding for important health issues, and addressing food insecurity to be introduced.

This session we are working with lawmakers to:

  • Restrict the sale of all flavored tobacco and vaping products. Flavors attract young users and help addict them.

  • Repeal legislation passed in 2018 that took away power from the counties to make local decisions on tobacco issues. Two counties have already passed local legislation to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products, but they can’t go into effect until the state law is changed.

  • Expand access to no-cost school meals for students.

  • Establish a paid leave program. This program would allow people in Hawaii to take time off with pay to welcome a new child into the family, take care of a loved one who is sick or take time off to recover from a health issue themselves.

  • And secure funding for the Da Bux program that helps families receiving food assistance buy more fruits and vegetables.

It will be a busy time and we will be in touch with opportunities for you to take action and help with these issues.

Thank you for being part of our relentless force for longer, healthier lives.

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