The 2019 Hawaii legislative session is in full swing!

The 2019 legislative session is in full swing and it's turning out to be a busy one. We are advocating for some very important issues and we hope we can count on your support as we work to build a healthier Hawaii.  

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of the Hawaii state capitol building
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of the Hawaii state capitol building

AHA Issues this session:

  • Sugary drinks in kids’ meals: Remove sugary drinks as the default drink from all restaurant children’s meals. Our keiki are sweet enough they don’t need extra added sugar.

  • Double Dollars for Healthy SNAP Purchasing: Provide state funding to expand the number of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients with access to “double-up” programs to stretch their food budget by doubling dollars for fruit and vegetable purchases. For families that might be struggling to provide food for their family this program would give them the ability to buy more healthy fruits and vegetables which is something many of them have told us they want to do but simply can’t afford.

  • Support strengthening of current laws, and add tax, to reduce the use of e-cigarette products by those under the age of 21: Support legislation that strengthens laws to restrict access to e-cigarettes by those under 21 including on-line sales restrictions and taxes on electronic tobacco products. The AHA also recommends that a significant portion of any new tax revenue be allocated to fund community tobacco prevention and control programs.

  • Flavored tobacco ban: Support legislation to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products to reduce their attraction to those under age 21. Research has indicated that most young smokers started with flavored tobacco. These products are often marketed at youth with flavors like gummy bear, cotton candy and other attractive flavors.

Please keep an eye out in your email for messages from us with the opportunity to message your legislators on these issues. If you would like to get involved in new ways in addition to online actions contact Don Weisman today.

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