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The Way to Help Virginia's Uninsured Get Coverage


Insured individuals are more likely to take their medication, more likely to control their blood pressure, and more likely to check their cholesterol levels.

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s evaluation is  that access to health insurance is critical to the goals of improving the cardiovascular health of all Americans and ensuring that as many people as possible receive high-quality, affordable medical care.

In Virginia, legislators have the opportunity to help provide insurance for up to 400,000 uninsured citizens by accepting federal dollars for this purpose. Insurance coverage would give these hard-working, low-income Virginians access to preventative screenings, treatment, and medication, which would improve their health and lower their medical costs.

Coverage would also lower costs throughout the medical system by identifying cardiovascular risks and diseases at earlier stages when they are easier to monitor and treat, as opposed to treating uninsured patients in emergency rooms, when their condition has become more serious and where it’s more expensive.

Chime in:  Please ask your legislators to help uninsured Virginians receive the coverage and care they need.

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