The Tobacco Industry is Targeting Our Kids


Yesterday was Kick Butts Day and we had over 200 youth come to the State House to talk to their legislators about the tactics the industry uses to hook them on tobacco. Their solution? Make these tobacco products more expensive. We agree! We want to see an increase of a $1.25 on the tobacco tax and make sure that the other tobacco products are taxed at the same rate as cigarettes.

The tobacco industry uses three tactics in its efforts to hook kids, price, packing and availability. The tobacco industry is selling products in colorful and fun packaging that attracts young people. We know that price matters! By increasing the tobacco tax by a $1.25 we can save more than 34,000 young people from a lifetime of addiction to tobacco.

Join us and stand with the youth to oppose the tobacco industry's targeting of young people and support an increase for the tobacco tax.

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