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The Road to Recovery

Everyone knows someone who has had a heart attack, and thanks to modern science there are amazing medical interventions making survival possible.


But once a patient has survived their cardiac event, what is next? For many patients, cardiac rehabilitation is a vital part of the recovery process but our laws don’t always make it easy to get this important care. You can help urge lawmakers to ensure access for patients needing cardiac rehab.

Patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease benefit from exercise training, healthy lifestyle education, and counseling to reduce stress. These activities are all part of a cardiac rehab program, and research shows cardiac rehab reduces the risk of a second cardiac event and improves a patient’s quality of life. Unfortunately, there are a number of barriers that prevent patients from participating in a cardiac rehab program, but a simple change in the law would help patients utilize these services. The proposal would allow non-physician providers – such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants – to directly supervise these programs and ensure people have access to cardiac rehab to improve their cardiovascular health.  So contact your lawmakers today, the message you send could help a loved one get the care they need.


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