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The Ohio State of the State for Heart Disease and Stroke


With the State of the Union last week and the State of the State this week, we thought it was a great time to review the State of Heart Disease and Stroke in Ohio.  Read below to learn more and--if you haven't already--take action on each to make sure a healthy Ohio is top of mind for our decision makers.

Newborn Pulse Ox - A simple screening that can help detect congenital heart defects in newborns--before they're sent home unnoticed. Senate Bill 4, which would ensure all Ohio newborns are given this inexpensive, non-invasive screening before they're sent home, has been introduced. Let's urge quick action

Health Education Standards - Ohio is one of only two states without health education standards that would ensure quality health education.Ohio's kids need quality health instruction that will last a lifetime. 

Stroke - With stroke, time lost is brain lost. When a stroke occurs, we must act fast to recognize the signs and symptoms and take immediate action to prevent long-term disability or death. With comprehensive stroke policy, we can improve outcomes for Ohioans.

Tobacco - We're ranked 50th? Ohio has gone from a once nationally recognized tobacco prevention and cessation program to NO state funding for tobacco prevention and cessation--and it's reflected in our increased tobacco use rates. We MUST do better to prevent today's kids from becoming tomorrow's addicted tobacco users. 

If you've sent your messages already--THANK YOU! If not, just click to send your messages now to share our own State of the State with our legislators-and after you take action, remember to click the Facebook or Twitter icons to share with your contacts! Thank you for helping us create a healthier Ohio!

Stay tuned for additional opportunities to advance heart disease and stroke prevention and treatment!

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