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The Jones Heart Beat, volume 4


This week by unanimous vote, the NC House approved SB 98 Require Pulse Oximetry Newborn Screening and SB 456 Designate Primary Stroke Centers.  The bills, having won the approval of the General Assembly have now been presented to the Governor, who has 10 days to decide to sign, veto or take no action.  If the Governor signs or takes no action on the bills within ten days, the bills become law.   We are very close to achieving success! 

You’re the Cure advocate, Valerie King, wrote to tell us how her daughter Greta felt about the passage of SB 98:

We saw the news story that the bill passed and Greta asked, "Mommy does it mean we win?" I replied, "Gretta, it means that all of the new heart babies born win. Do you remember when we went to Raleigh?"

"Yes, when I told those old people about my special heart, to save babies and got to play with all of my heart friends?" was her answer.

I said, "Yes sweetie this is why we did that."

That sweet little girl made me cry when she said, "I am glad I told about my special heart. I hope more heart babies get to tell their story and be on TV like me. Cause it was fun!"

Valerie continued, “The Pulse Ox bill passing and becoming a law elates me in ways I can't describe. I am proud to have been a small part is this legislation to help save babies. I am humbled to have been listened to by my Representative (Mark Hollo) and Senator (Pete Brunstetter). I am thankful for the rest of the legislators that worked on this with our team.”

Eric Sanchez had this to say:  

“I am ecstatic with the passage of SB 98.  I am convinced that like Tennessee and New Jersey, a baby in North Carolina will soon be saved once Governor McCrory signs this important piece of legislation.  My daughter, Grace, was lucky she survived being discharged without a pulse oximetry screening.  SB 98 makes it so that “luck” is no longer required for the detection of critical congenital heart defects; North Carolina has recognized that pulse oximetry saves lives.”

As advocates we have been working on stroke systems of care legislation since 2005 and SB 456 is an important step forward. Libby Puckett, wrote to say, “Congratulations !!  What a lot to accomplish - thanks to all who helped achieve these goals for all of NC.”  With stroke the 4th leading cause of death and a leading cause of disability among North Carolinians, this legislation provides the cornerstone for our stroke system of care. Everyone should be able to access the high quality stroke offered by primary stroke centers and know which acute care hospitals have been certified as a primary stroke center.

To all our advocates, I want to say thank you – your actions are making a difference and saving lives! With Heart,

Betsy Vetter

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