The Heart of our Mission: Our Volunteers!


We celebrated  our amazing volunteers and advocates at our annual Heart of Our Mission reception. The event commemorated key volunteers who have demonstrated passion and commitment for moving forward the American Heart Association’s mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. This year we had a dedicated and passionate group of awardees that included our marathon team, the highest ranking woman in Massachusetts politics, our current National Chairman of the Board, and an inspiring stroke survivor.   

  • Ray & Gina Driscoll Hearts And Minds Award - Bernie Dennis
  • Heart of Our Mission Award – Senate President Therese Murray
  • Heart of Our Mission Award – Eileen Martin
  • Heart of Our Mission Award – Jennifer Bennet and Caterina Hill of The Family Van
  • Heart of Our Mission Award – Michael Donnino, MD, Brandon Giberson, & Tyler Giberson of BIDMC
  • Leonard J. Zion Family Stroke Survivor Award – Rachel Henry
  • Stroke Healthcare Professional Award – Sander Schultz
  • Heart of Our Mission Award – Tedy’s Team Marathon Runners

We are so lucky to have so many dedicated volunteers and advocates, and although we take one day to celebrate all the time and effort each of you put into helping us achieve our mission, every day I am so appreciative of everything each of you do!


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