The Gratitude Board


Hi! I'm Amy Shope Manzi, a Grassroots Consultant working with our advocacy staff across the country to build the strongest You're the Cure network possible.

It's an honor to work with all of you to make our communities healthier and to improve the lives of those facing heart disease or stroke. Throughout the 7 years I've been working at the American Heart Association, I've been astounded by the depth of your commitment and inspired time and again by your passion and personal stories.

Outside of work, I can usually be found answering someone’s call for ‘Mom!’ This season, as we all reflect on our lives with gratitude, I’m particularly drawn to the incredible gifts we so often take for granted.

Occasionally, we transition the giant chalkboard in our kitchen into the ‘gratitude board’. This space, which normally reflects our family’s hectic schedule, becomes for a few days the center of a conversation about all we are so lucky to have and do. We take turns listing things on the board, and in time, we always fill it.

I’m grateful for:  

  • access to affordable, healthy food that I can put on the dinner table
  • safe places to play and get active with my family
  • required newborn screenings that can help detect congenital heart defects
  • high schools students trained in CPR and ready to save lives in our communities
  • All of you fighting to make these things a reality for every American!      

What things are filling your gratitude board this year? Tell me in the comments below!

One more thing I'm grateful for- (there's so much, really!)- is the incredibly dedicated team of colleagues I get to work alongside each day. Meet our Federal Grassroots Manager, Matt Fitting, then follow the links at the bottom of each post to meet the rest of the team.

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