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The End of Spring Break


For some, spring break is a time to get away.  Many families take vacation while the kids are out of school.  In advocacy, it is a great time to advance our policy efforts. 

The last two weeks, legislators have been back home for time to refresh before returning to work on the budget.  However, their aides are still busy working!  Therefore, it has been the best time to follow up on your meeting feedback from advocacy day. 

The last two weeks, there have been days with meetings every half hour all day long.  Re-enforcing your meetings from advocacy day and your email messages allow us to continue the dialogue.

Now, your help is needed!  Here are our Return from Spring Break Top Three List:

  • Visit the Action Center and click through the alerts.  Sending messages now will make sure legislators haven't forgotten about us and will leave us top of their mind when session begins on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Share your activity on Facebook.  Once you click through the alerts, you can post it easily to Facebook.  Encourage others to let their voice be heard.
  • Tag your legislators.  If you follow any of your legislators on Facebook, tag them in a post about your action.  It is another great way to remind them (and their followers) of the importance of heart health policies.

As a reminder, our key issues are:

  • Pulse oximetry screening of all Ohio newborns.  The bill has passed the Ohio Senate, but House action is needed!
  • Health Education Standards.  A co-sponsor letter is currently out in the House.  Help encourage your member to become a co-sponsor.
  • Shared Use. Policy to create more opportunities for physical activity locally is a good thing for all communities.  With quick state action, we can make a difference!
  • Stroke Policy.  We know what great coordinated stroke care looks like.  We had a bill last year that would have made the necessary improvements to Ohio's system.  New legislation is needed.
  • Tobacco Prevention Funding.  Ohio is ranked 50th for state tobacco prevention funding.  Our adult and youth use rates are increasing.  By restoring funding to at least previous funding levels, we can reduce the negative impact of tobacco use. 
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