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The Countdown is on to Save NIH Funding!


It’s almost the end of year, which means you are likely counting the days to festive holiday celebrations and the start of the New Year! But there is another countdown that needs our immediate attention. In just two weeks, medical research funding will be cut by about $2.5 billion, if Congress fails to act by the end of the year.

Will you take two minutes to let your Representative know you support our nation’s investment in research?

This year You’re the Cure advocates shared countless stories about the ways research has impacted their lives. From the stroke survivor who relied on new technology to regain movement and strength in his arm to the researcher who has dedicated his career to investigating the cause of arrhythmias, medical research is critical to the health of our nation.

In this tough economic environment, we all know Congress needs to make difficult budget decisions. However, it up to us to ensure that all legislators understand the value of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH-funded research supports more than 432,000 jobs in the United States and generated $62 billion in new economic activity last year alone. But the scheduled cuts will mean the loss of 33,000 research-related jobs and many promising research discoveries will be put on hold.

Right now, a letter is circulating in the House of Representatives for lawmakers to sign to demonstrate their commitment to the NIH- and we need your Representative to get on board. This letter will be delivered to the leaders of the House and Senate as they try to negotiate a deal before the end of the year. The deadline for signatures is 12:00pm ET on December 21st- so please don’t waste another minute to make your voice heard. Act now!

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