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The Big Week


I'm a little late in writing my blog post.  It might just be due to the election.  While I know many of you probably could do without the ads, I'm so thrilled by the civic engagement this year.  Regardless of your party affiliation, it is always exciting to see people excited about their ability to vote.

In Ohio, we have many incumbants who were re-elected and we have quite a few new folks.  Regardless, we look forward to partnering with you to bring our elected officials together to support quality policies for the prevention of heart disease and stroke. 

There is another reason why this week is so busy.  Next Tuesday, we will have our Fall Advocacy Day on pulse oximetry - a simply test to detect a congenital heart defect!  On Monday, we'll launch a virtual advocacy day alert.  I urge you to not only respond, but to forward the message to others.  Here is our chance to save Ohio babies!

A special thank you to everyone who voted and to those attending the event on Tuesday.  And, thanks in advance for sending your message on pulse ox!  (Want to check out election results?  Visit the Secretary of State's website for official election returns!)

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