The 411 on Tobacco Control


The link between heart disease and tobacco use is clear.  However, do you ever wonder about the Ohio statistics related to tobacco prevention and cessation?

Check out the updated data available through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Highlights for Ohio include:

  • Overall smoking attributable expenditures - $4,317,000,000
  • Adult smoking rate - 23.3% with males slightly higher at 25.4%
  • Every day smokers who tried to quit in 2012 - 49.2%
  • Youth smoking rate - 15.8%

The site also includes information on Medicaid, as well as taxes, advertising and state revenue from cigarette taxes.  To view additional data, visit the CDCs website.

While Ohio has many challenges to address to reduce the burden of tobacco use, you can support current efforts.  Send a message to your state legislators regarding cheap "Other Tobacco Products," which are inviting to youth.  Also, you can urge the FDA to remove menthol flavored cigarettes from the marketplace. 

 Of course, share your action on Facebook.  Let others know about the tobacco problem and how they can help!

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