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The 2015 Legislative Session is Just Around the Corner


Guest Blogger: Erin Bennett, Idaho Government Relations Director

The upcoming 2015 Idaho Legislative Session promises to be another busy one at the American Heart Association. The recent elections have given us some fresh faces on familiar committees, as well as changes to a few key positions in leadership.  These changes provide new opportunities to talk to lawmakers about the important issues we are working on, and why we advocate for them.

Our focus in 2015 will be to continue our work on the Time Sensitive Emergencies rules and standards.  We have been working on this issue with the Governor’s TSE Council and hope we can make some real progress on this important issue. This will help create a more comprehensive approach to our quality systems of care to ensure that in an emergency, every patient receives the appropriate care in the timeliest manner.

We will also continue working on physical education requirements in schools, Medicaid expansion, increasing funding for tobacco prevention and cessation programs, and working on the local level for smoke free cities.

With the changes at the Legislature, we are sure to be busy educating new lawmakers on all the great things the American Heart Association is doing across Idaho, including implementation of our CPR graduation requirement passed last year. Volunteers will be crucial to our advocacy efforts, and we look forward to working closely with you to advocate for programs that improve health and reduce risks of stroke and cardiovascular disease throughout the year!

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