Thank you for sharing your tobacco flavors story

Thank you for telling us why flavored tobacco concerns you! The evidence is clear that flavored tobacco harms our communities and our youth. When asked what was in their e-cigarette, 66% of youth only said “flavoring”. Many youth don’t even know they contain tobacco.

thumbnail_alt_text===80% of all teens say their first e-cig was flavored

E-cigarette users of all ages are subjected to not only nicotine, but anything else that might be in there. E-cigarettes are so under regulated, it’s no wonder reports of illness and injury due to e-cigarettes have skyrocketed. Plus, the clouds of “vapor” that e-cigarettes give off is actually very fine particles of chemicals, some of which have been traced to heart disease and cancer.

We must do something about this and your voice on this issue is essential to keeping our communities safe. Stay tuned for even more opportunities to get involved with this campaign to make New York tobacco flavor-free!

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