Thank Senator Scheer for Supporting CPR in Schools


As we work to encourage support for CPR as a graduation requirement among the Board of Education, it is important that we acknowledge and thank those who have stepped forward in support of this initiative.  State Senator Scheer introduced Legislative Resolution 512 to show support for having all high school students trained in CPR.  Inclusion of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training in high school represents a significant opportunity to train thousands of students a year in by-stander CPR and greatly enhance our emergency services capacity in Nebraska. The most critical link in the state’s emergency response for such a system is the start of chest compressions.  It is our weakest link in our state’s chain of survival.    

A CPR standard will provide our schools - often the center of community activity - and our communities with a growing force of those knowledgeable to 1) call 9-1-1, and then 2) immediately start chest compressions.   

Since the hearing on LB 365 last March, six more states have passed legislation requiring CPR training as a requirement for high school graduation.  More states are likely to include this life-saving training as a graduation requirement as well.  Will Nebraska be one of them?

Please thank Senator Scheer for his support of this life-saving measure.

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