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Thank Governor Dalrymple for Raising Awareness of High Blood Pressure


A shocking 159,000 North Dakotans report that they have been told they have high blood pressure, which increases their risk for a heart attack or a stroke – the two leading causes of death for North Dakotans.  One of every three adults in the U.S. has high blood pressure. These statistics demand our attention. May is High Blood Pressure Education Month and raising awareness for this deadly condition is vital to changing those statistics.

Please send a note to Governor Dalrymple thanking him for for raising awareness of this important issue in our state. 

High blood pressure can affect any age.  We are seeing an increase of stroke and cardiac events at a younger age. The best news is that North Dakotans have the power to lower their blood pressure and live a healthy and full life.  Healthy lifestyle choices and environments are essential for the prevention and management of high blood pressure, and for lowering the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases.  

Let Governor Dalrymple know this issue is important to you by thanking him for proclaiming May as High Blood Pressure Education month.  

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