Tell legislators you want Cardiac Emergency Response Plans!

When every second counts like in cardiac arrest, it’s critical everyone knows what to do and springs into action.


When NFL safety, Damar Hamlin, collapsed on a football field, everyone on the medical staff jumped into action to save his life. Because of a carefully planned and practiced protocol for such a catastrophic medical emergency, Damar was able to get life-saving care quickly and efficiently. Every Virginia student and school staff member deserves the same quality of medical care.

Our students deserve to attend school in a safe, healthy environment, and that includes preparing for cardiac and other medical emergencies. With sudden cardiac arrest a leading cause of death for students, we need to act now. This bill would protect not only athletes, but their classmates, school staff, and other community members who attend local school programs.

Click here to ask your Senator to make sure schools adopt Cardiac Emergency Response Plans.

Together, let’s build a nation of lifesavers.

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