Tell Council to support cardiac emergency response plans!

Last fall, the DC Council introduced legislation to ensure all schools have a plan for cardiac emergencies. Yet they have not acted on the bill. It’s time to end the delay and get this lifesaving bill moving!!


Click here to tell the Council to hold a hearing now!

The Cardiac Planning and Response (CPR) Act would make sure all District schools and their sports facilities have a plan for cardiac emergencies the same way the NFL does. More than 350,000 cardiac arrests happen in the US each year. More than 20,000 happen to kids under age 18, making these preventable tragedies the leading cause of death for high school athletes. Many times, these students may not know they have an underlying heart condition. 

The CPR Act will help DC schools be prepared to save lives. It’s time for Chairman Mendelson and the DC Council to hold a hearing on the bill.

Take action now.

Together, we can help make sure all District schools are ready to act in the event of a cardiac arrest becoming part of the Nation of Lifesavers. 

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