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Tell Congress to Put Children First

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for many, but school aged children have been especially impacted through school closings, a transition to virtual learning and for many, a disruption in how they eat. But we can help children throughout the country survive and thrive in the new normal by contacting Congress in support of child nutrition programs.

Millions of children from across the country rely on schools to provide the healthy, nutritious foods they need to excel. While school food service providers have done all they can to keep kids fed, they need help! We need to do something to make sure that children who have been impacted by the pandemic continue to have access to nutritious food during the summer months and next school year.

We need to tell Congress to put children first and act now! Just click this link and take action for child nutrition in seconds.

When children return to school next fall, they will return to a very different school day. Due to the global pandemic, there is expected to be a massive influx of children who are eligible for free meals in the fall, and universal meals would allow school food service programs to focus on keeping the kids fed instead of filling out paperwork – and help their programs remain afloat. Meanwhile Congress needs to extend the electronic benefits that help families purchase healthy foods through the summer and next school year to close the gap. These actions would benefit ALL CHILDREN from across the country who need our help now more than ever.

Please take just 30 seconds to send this pre-filled letter to your members of Congress urging them to take action on child nutrition today!


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