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Tell the Board of Regents to say YES to CPR!


Will the Board of Regents say YES to CPR in Schools? As you know the Governor signed the CPR in Schools bill...So what now? The Commissioner of the State Education Department and the Board of Regents must provide their stamp of approval. The Commissioner has 180 days to issue a report on CPR/AED instruction in the curriculum. From there, the Board of Regents has 60 days to accept or reject the recommendations.

What will the Commissioner recommend? We don't know yet...and that's why we need you to stay with us for the next step. We'll reach out to the Regents every week with a reason to say YES to CPR in Schools...remember our So Many Reasons campaign? It's real stories of real New Yorkers impacted by sudden cardiac arrest and CPR. And the first reason? Kevin Foord…Kevin is alive because his daughter knew CPR. In fact, she learned it as a teenager. Today we need you to click below to share Kevin’s story with the Board of Regents.

We'll make it easy for you to send a message to the Board of Regents each week. It may be a simple email or a social media post. One minute each week - that's all. Will you commit to one minute each week to send a lifesaving message? Start today by sharing Kevin’s story!


Kevin was one of the lucky ones – nearly 90 percent of cardiac arrest victims die. Since the day Kevin was saved, he has walked his little girl down the aisle and become a grandfather twice! Why teach CPR in Schools? So that more Dads can walk their little girl down the aisle…and more Dads can become grandfathers…and more babies can spend time with their grandparents.

More families can have the happy ending Kevin has if CPR is taught as part of the school curriculum.


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