We're thankful for you!

As AHA Advocacy staff, we get to work alongside the most remarkable volunteers- like YOU! We get to see lives improved and lives saved as a result of the work we’ve done together, and for that, we're grateful.


As You’re the Cure volunteers, you share personal stories of loved ones lost too soon, of survival, or of triumph over heart disease or stroke- all because you know your stories will make a difference in someone else’s life. It is often those stories that convince lawmakers to pass the policies making our communities healthier.

Because of you we are thankful that:

  • More babies are being screened with Pulse Ox and having their heart defects corrected before it’s too late.
  • People in communities around the country are reducing their intake of sugary beverages and consuming more nutritious food in vending machines. 
  • Survivors are getting better stroke care.
  • More families have health insurance.
  • Fewer people are smoking.
  • Kids are eating healthier food at school.

The impact you’re making is incredible, and our communities are better places- because of you.

We are inspired by your dedication, passion, and commitment to a world free of heart disease and stroke. Thank you for everything you do and we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Thank you!

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