Take Action - Urge More Physical Education and Activity in Schools!


The American Heart Association is a member of the statewide coalition Eat Well Play More Vermont which has set increased physical education and activity in schools are part of its policy goals for addressing childhood obesity.

The coalition is recommending that each Vermont school should ensure that students in grades k-12 engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. We feel it’s important for schools to provide a combination of physical activity and education for children to be fit and learn better.

The EWPM coalition is also recommending schools provide at least two days of physical education a week with no less than 30 minutes a class for grades K-2 and no less than 40 minutes a class for grades 3-12.

Help us fight childhood obesity by taking action on our alert today at http://www.yourethecure.org/composeletters_open.aspx?AlertID=33598!

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