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Take Action to Expand Access to Health Care


The legislative session is well underway, and access to care through Medicaid is one of the issues that is gaining momentum in the early weeks of the session.  Expanding access to care through Medicaid makes sense for South Dakota.  It’s a good deal that will benefit counties and their governments at no cost to the state general fund, and it will ensure cardiac and stroke patients receive the medical care and prevention services they need to live healthier lives.

Join Governor Daugaard in his support for expanding federal funding of Medicaid in South Dakota.  Take Action Now! 

Thousands of hardworking citizens of our state are falling through the cracks and are being denied access to affordable healthcare coverage. You have the opportunity to close the gap and keep our most vulnerable citizens from falling through the cracks. Governor Daugaard is seizing upon a unique opportunity to solve the long-standing reimbursement issue and expand Medicaid to cover an additional 50,000 South Dakotans at no additional cost to state taxpayers.

Expanding Medicaid makes sense for South Dakota – here’s why:

  • Thousands of hard-working South Dakotans need coverage to stay healthy and productive
  • Expanding Medicaid in SD will have zero impact on the state’s budget
  • Increasing Medicaid access helps 50,000 facing tough times who don’t qualify for Medicaid
  • S.D. counties would see savings through poor relief

Let's not let another legislative session end without expanding Medicaid to those who need it most. Take action now and encourage your legislators to support the governor's plan to expand federal funding of Medicaid in South Dakota. 

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