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Did you know that stroke is our nation’s 4th leading killer? Or that someone has a stroke every 40 seconds in the United States? May is American Stroke Month and the goal is to raise awareness that stroke is preventable, treatable, and beatable.

Over the next few weeks (and beyond), there are many opportunities for You're the Cure advocates to participate! Below are a few great opportunities to get you started! 

Contact Congress

It is crucial that our federal lawmakers are involved. Washington must do more to help stroke patients and their caregivers, but it’s up to us to make stroke a priority on Capitol Hill! 

Send a letter to your Members of Congress today and tell them to make American Stroke Month a priority!

Your representative in Congress can participate in three simple ways to highlight the importance of American Stroke Month. They include:

  • Attend the American Stroke Association / National Stroke Association Congressional briefing on May 14th, which will highlight the issues and challenges facing stroke caregivers.
  • Speak on the floor of the House or Senate about the importance of American Stroke Month or highlight the month in their constituent newsletter.
  • Join the Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition. The Coalition, which is made up of more than 125 Members of the House and Senate, works to raise awareness of the seriousness of cardiovascular diseases and acts as a resource center on heart and stroke issues.

May is the month to get our nation's legislators focused on stroke. Urge Congress to step-up its commitment to fighting stroke during American Stroke Month!

Learn and Share the Facts about Stroke

Stroke can affect anyone at anytime. Therefore, it is crucial that we learn the facts about stroke and share them with friends and family! Below are four easy ways to raise awareness.

Keep checking the Pulse blog and the You're the Cure Facebook page for the latest news and opportunities around American Stroke Month!

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