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Take Action: Ask legislators to support CPR in schools


Guest Blogger: Sarah Higginbotham, Oregon Government Relations Director

Did you know that sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States? Sudden cardiac arrest happens most often outside of a hospital setting—and it can happen to anyone: a loved one, a work colleague, or a stranger. Bystander CPR is vital to victim’s survival. When ordinary people, not just doctors and paramedics, know CPR, a victim’s survival rate can double, or even triple.

That is why the American Heart Association is working to incorporate CPR training in to the Oregon school curriculum. During the 2015 legislative session we will be supporting a bill that would ensure every student in Oregon would learn CPR before graduation. By training students in CPR we will add roughly 45,000 potential life savers each year in to our communities; improving survival rates in every Oregon community.   

We ask you to take a moment of your time and tell your legislators that you support this important legislation and you want them to support it too.

We have just three months to build as much support as possible for this life-saving legislation. Together we can create a new generation of lifesavers. 

Tell Oregon’s state legislators you support CPR in Schools.

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