New Tobacco Tax in Maryland Can Help Prevent Serious Illness

This past legislative session, Maryland made big strides in the fight to end tobacco use. After a veto was overridden, the Maryland tobacco tax has gone into effect, placing a state tax on e-cig products for the first time and raising the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products. This additional revenue will be used for essential needs like supporting tobacco cessation programs, COVID-19 support funding, and making quality education accessible to all in Maryland.


Taxes help curb the use of tobacco for current users and helps prevent a generation of new smokers from getting hooked. With the rise in use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products beyond traditional tobacco, it’s essential that we use the tools we have to prevent and end tobacco use. Thanks to the hard work of advocates like you, this new tax will give the opportunity to do just that.

We are all paying more attention to our health these days. With tobacco being a leading cause in preventable deaths like heart disease, stroke, and cancer, raising the tobacco tax can help prevent many illnesses, including complications from COVID-19.

Now certainly, tobacco is a hard habit to break, but there are resources for people who need them. If you need help and support in quitting tobacco use, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for tips and support. Together we can see a healthier Maryland.

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