Survivor Spotlight: Sheila Long

Meet Sheila Long, Survivor and Advocate for Women's Heart Health. As a healthy, active and vibrant woman in her 40’s, Sheila never expected to experience a heart attack.  Sheila did not have the common risk factors for heart attack – she was a non-smoker, she exercised on a regular basis and maintained a healthy diet and weight.  However, Sheila did have heart disease in her family.

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of Sheila Long
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of Sheila Long

Sheila shares her story of survival to encourage all women to know their numbers, and to know their risk for heart attack – including genetics.  We are proud of Sheila’s courage and determination to raise awareness for heart disease among women.  It can happen to anyone. 

For Sheila's story, CLICK HERE. 

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