Work on Surprise Medical Billing Continues

Surprise medical billing is an issue that has been impacting us for far too long. Too often, patients receive a surprise medical bill for treatment they expected to be covered by insurance. It’s a harmful practice that throws millions of Americans into financial crisis. And the problem is widespread. 1 in 5 Americans have received a surprise medical bill. Now more than ever – amidst a global pandemic – patients may be required to shift their care to an out-of-network provider if their in-network option is overcrowded. These shifts, while necessary to contain the virus, may result in out-of-network care, increasing the risk of receiving a surprise bill. As Congress works to pass multiple COVID-19 economic relief packages for hard-working Americans, now is the time to stop surprise medical billing.

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Already an important issue and a focus of our fall 2019 You’re the Cure on the Hill lobby day event, surprise billing is taking center stage again during the pandemic. Patients who seek treatment or are hospitalized due to COVID-19 are at an increased risk of receiving a surprise medical bill and Congress must step in to protect patients. That’s why the American Heart Association and You’re the Cure advocates are redoubling our efforts to protect patients from potentially financially crippling surprise medical bills.

In the coming days, weeks and months, we will be focusing heavily on this issue. We are planning a robust campaign to highlight the severity of the problem and why Congress must take immediate action to protect patients. As part of the campaign, we will include ways for patients and advocates to share their surprise billing stories with members of Congress, work with other public health groups to create a strong coalition in support of this effort, and much, much more! You’ll soon be hearing from us about fun and interactive ways that you can get involved and help prevent surprise medical billing but in the meantime, there is something quick and easy you can do.

If you or anyone you know has received a medical bill they thought would be covered by insurance please take just 1 minute to tell us, and Congress about it by clicking this link.

As we work to strengthen our coalition and build support in Congress, your voice and your stories will be critically important. Please be on the lookout for ways to help protect patients from surprise medical bills and together we can make a tremendous impact!

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