Support Tobacco Research and Cessation Funding!

There's no doubt, this election is important for Oklahoma and the country.  While you are making your decisions on candidates, we also want to tell you about an important issue on the ballot this November: State Question 814.


In 2000, voters in Oklahoma approved a measure to create the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust - TSET.  TSET uses money earned from a nationwide lawsuit against Big Tobacco to fund research and treatment of tobacco related health issues as well as cessation aids like the Oklahoma Quit Line.  To date, this fund has saved Oklahomans $1.24 BILLION in medical costs and more than 42 thousand livesState Question 814 would take dollars away from the endowment, and we are urging you to vote NO on SQ 814.  

Each year, Big Tobacco spends over $172 million on marketing their products in Oklahoma.  Protecting TSET is a critical part in the fight against tobacco and nicotine, and with those resources, we will save Oklahomans' lives and money.  The American Heart Association opposes taking money away from this important work, and we hope you will too.  Vote NO on SQ 814. 

If you have questions about voting this fall, check out our Civic Action Page, where you can find out where and when to vote.

Together, we are a relentless force for building longer, healthier lives in Oklahoma!

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