Support Safe and Healthy Streets in Denver!

Last month, many of you joined our efforts to deliver more than 600 petition postcards to Mayor Michael B. Hancock asking him to invest in safe streets for all. Mayor Hancock has now released his proposed budget for 2019 citing his belief that “our progress as a city must be measured by the intangibles, by what changes lives and builds people up, like access to opportunity and equity in our communities.”


The proposed budget makes progress in improving in the City’s investment in healthy and safe transportation. The budget invests over $7 million for bike lanes, more than triple the previous allocation. However, the budget only includes $ 3 million for sidewalks, not enough to ensure updates to the 40% of Denver’s streets in need of sidewalk repair. Lastly, the proposed budget does not provide any dedicated funding for safety improvements for Federal Blvd.

Act now and tell the City Council the proposed budget is a good step but falls short. 

Over the next two weeks, the Denver City Council will review and propose amendments to the Mayor’s draft budget. WE NEED YOU to advocate for investments in sidewalks and safety fixes on Federal Boulevard. Active transportation including sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes improve our streets for everyone--walkers, bikers and drivers alike.

Help us in making Denver streets safe and healthy for all by taking action NOW!

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