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Support Healthy Food Access for all New Yorkers!

Every family should have access to the foods that help support a balanced diet and a healthier life, but not everyone does.  We are working to change that. 

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In New York City, many people are struggling to find the nutritious foods they need to be healthy. There are large areas of our city that have few supermarkets, and many neighborhoods have no supermarkets at all. This shortage means that the members of these communities need to either travel much farther to purchase healthy food, or rely on the nearby corner and convenience stores that often are more expensive and have poorer selection and quality of food. We need to change that.

The American Heart Association is advocating for increased public funding for initiatives that would:

  • Increase the number of healthy food retail outlets in underserved communities,
  • Increase the amount of healthy food being offered in existing corner stores, and
  • Expand the NYC Health Bucks program – which are redeemable for fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets all over New York City!

Improving access to healthy food financing brings several benefits to communities: revitalized economy, job creation, and better health!

Click here to let your NYC Council Member know that you think every community in New York City should have access to healthy food in their neighborhood!

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